By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter

Source: Psychology Today

As a critical care physician, I am often involved in the care of patients who are dying. And I am distressed by the frequency of cases involving profound suffering that, I believe, could have been avoided. In that vein, I want to lay out some steps that will empower you to step around the many landmines that are buried in the weeds of chronic and critical illness.

For most of us, getting clear on our preferences at the end of life is a process–one best dealt with well before you find yourself, or someone you love, in a critical situation. I realize that most people are unfamiliar with the various terms, documents, and choices available to them. Even my mother, a former physician was confused by some of the terms and concepts used. And if she’s confused, I know many others must be, too.

I hope that this vocabulary list will serve as an excellent primer for learning how to take responsibility for your own health, and to live the way you want to live, from the beginning right until the very end.  (…) Read Full Article Here

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