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On this installment of ST Medical Monday, our guest is Jessica Nutik Zitter, who practices the atypical combination of ICU and palliative care medicine at a hospital in Oakland, California. She’s also the author of a remarkable new book, “Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life.” As was noted of this memoir/critique/meditation by Kirkus Reviews: “End-stage patient suffering and distress inspire an early-career watershed moment for a sympathetic physician. Zitter’s impassioned advocacy for increased palliative awareness in modern medical establishments is both immediate and heartfelt. She notes that both doctors and patients have a tendency to ignore death, and this often ‘fuels a tremendous amount of suffering.’ Her own enlightenment began during her medical internship, when she harbored serious second thoughts about her career choice (her father was a neurosurgeon) after being ‘dumbstruck by this Armageddon’ of critically ill patients throughout her first years in trauma medicine. ‘I have rehearsed for the wrong performance,’ she thought during a crisis of conscience. (…) Listen To The Audio Here