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 The Oscar-nominated documentary “Extremis” reveals the most personal, intimate, heartrending moments found in the Intensive Care Unit at Oakland’s Highland Hospital.

With the guidance of palliative care specialist Dr. Jessica Zitter, the film follows patients, families, and medical teams navigating the critical moments after fatal diagnoses. The short documentary offers a glimpse into what each of us might face for ourselves and our loved ones as we choose how much or how little medical intervention is best. Larry Mantle interviews filmmaker Dan Krauss who has made a specialty of turning his lens on critical moral dilemmas.

AirTalk plans to interview each of the Academy nominees in the category of Best Documentary Short Film.

“Extremis” is available on Netflix. All the Oscar-nominated shorts will be showing at theatres this weekend, including at Laemmle’s Royal, Playhouse 7, and Claremont 5, plus South Coast Village 3 in Santa Ana.


Dan Krauss, Director, Writer, Producer, “Extremis” – a short documentary nominated for an Academy Award; Krauss’ previous credits include the Oscar-nominated “The Death of Kevin Carter.”(…) Listen To The Audio Here