Let’s Embrace a New Kind of Heroism

Jessica Zitter, MD, MPH is a nationally recognized advocate committed to changing the way we care for patients at the end of life. In her twenty years as an ICU physician, she has witnessed the public health crisis of over-mechanized dying–a phenomenon  she calls the End-of-Life Conveyor Belt. Now she offers a  paradigm that seeks to align medical care with the preferences and values of each patient.

Dr Jessica Zitter - Speaking Events

Dr. Zitter speaks regularly at events across the country for a variety of audiences including the general public, physicians and other healthcare providers, medical students, and community organizations. She is also available for virtual presentations through GenieCast.

Through personal narrative and patient stories, Dr. Zitter makes a bold case for transforming our protocol-driven, high-tech medical approach to a collaborative culture where radical honesty and patient-centered decision-making prevail. Dr. Zitter’s presentations guide us into a conversation none of us can afford to ignore.

For Patients + Families

Patient + Family Resources

Dr. Zitter’s events for patients and families share an insider’s perspective on healthcare, and explore how to be an effective advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Provider Resources

Dr. Zitter’s events for healthcare providers shine a light on the culture of providing care, and invite both individuals and teams to embrace a new kind of heroism.

For Organizations

Community + Healthcare Organization Resources

Dr. Zitter’s events for organizations examine the systems and protocols of care delivery, and provide a framework for transforming how we care for the critically ill and dying.

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