Coronavirus Experience Shows The Limits of Hospital Care

My friend Jim called me with urgency in his voice; his elderly father, living alone in New York City during the peak of the pandemic, had a multiday fever and was losing weight. He wanted to know, should he take him to the hospital? My typical response in this case — sudden illness in an otherwise healthy person — would [...]

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Covid or No Covid, It’s Important to Plan

By Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D. April 16, 2020 My phone rang with a FaceTime video, and my cousin’s face popped into view. We spent the first few minutes expressing our mutual disbelief and shock over Covid-19, acknowledging the insanity and underlying terror of these unprecedented circumstances. We joked about how our anxious mothers, with their endless reminders of dressing warm and [...]

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How Storytelling Can Help Young Doctors Become More Resilient

Jessica Zitter, MD, MPH Harvard Business Review I recently stood in front of a group of emergency room residents at my hospital and asked an unusual question. “Has any of you ever judged your attending physician for not trying hard enough to save a patient’s life?” Then I looked around the room. But like every time I’d given [...]

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What’s ignored in the debate over aid in dying

This undated photo provided by the Maynard family shows Brittany Maynard. The terminally ill California woman moved to Portland, Ore., to take advantage of Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, which was established in the 1990s. Maynard wants to pass a similar law in California and has turned to advocacy in her final days. (AP Photo/Maynard Family) Photo: Courtesy Maynard [...]

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Hard Cases: Autonomy Run Amok

Dr. Jessica Zitter LinkedIn Healthcare Channel – Hard Cases The patient in ICU bed 13 had been receiving progressively invasive treatments for an incurable disease. She was in her early 30s, and the medics found her in septic shock in a crack house in Newark, New Jersey. The dirty needles lying next to her had transmitted bacteria from her skin [...]

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Hard Cases: Locked-In & Shut Out

Dr. Jessica Zitter LinkedIn Healthcare Channel - Hard Cases The woman was 47 years old and had suffered a devastating stroke three and a half weeks prior. It was the type of stroke which hit the nether regions of the brain, deep in the white matter, where the mysteries of consciousness, speech, and movement lie intertwined. Through a [...]

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5 Things I’ve Learned from Caring for the Dying

Dr. Jessica Zitter LinkedIn Healthcare Channel I have been a critical care physician for over twenty years. Over that time, I have cared for thousands of patients.  Some I have saved, and celebrated as they left the hospital to resume their lives. Others have died, as one would expect with patients suffering from serious illness. But too many [...]

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When Grief Gets Complicated

Dr. Jessica Zitter Psychology Today Linda was a friend of a friend. As a doctor who practices both critical and palliative care medicine, I am frequently invited into the lives of people I may not know by desperate loved ones. I never met Linda in person, only through an impressive email journal her husband John wrote during the ordeal of her [...]

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How the Rise of Medical Technology is Worsening Death

Dr. Jessiza Nutik Zitter Health Affairs  Our aging population is at risk from a most benign-appearing source—the medical technologies we trust to keep us healthy. When they were first widely used in the 1930s and 1940s, breathing machines did what humans could never have imagined a generation earlier: They kept young polio victims alive until their bodies cleared [...]

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