Ariadne Labs

"Ariadne Labs focuses on the most critical moments in people’s lives: childbirth, surgery, and serious illness care. Our mission is to create scalable health care solutions that deliver better care at the most critical moments in people’s lives, everywhere. These solutions or tools are simple, practical and designed to have global impact. Our vision is to ease suffering, optimize [...]

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Lown Institute

In their own words, "We seek to catalyze a grassroots movement for transforming health care systems and improving the health of communities. Our strategy is to build a grassroots social movement representing an alliance of health professionals, religious and community groups, and the general public. This movement’s goal: to advocate for a transformation of the health care system and [...]

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Vital Talk

In their own words, "We know and believe that effective, empathic, and honest conversations between a clinician, patient, and their family are the cornerstones of patient-centered care. Our community of accomplished VitalTalk faculty is comprised of clinicians who practice what they teach. Our verbal tools empower clinicians to communicate about serious illnesses empathetically and effectively, enabling them to feel [...]

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ACP Decisions

In their own words, "Our mission at ACP Decisions is to empower patients, along with their families, to participate in their own health care. We are a non-profit foundation consisting of a group of clinicians who want to empower patients and families with video support tools. Our video support tools are carefully crafted after undergoing rigorous review by leading [...]

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