Coronavirus Experience Shows The Limits of Hospital Care

My friend Jim called me with urgency in his voice; his elderly father, living alone in New York City during the peak of the pandemic, had a multiday fever and was losing weight. He wanted to know, should he take him to the hospital? My typical response in this case — sudden illness in an otherwise healthy person — would [...]

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Covid or No Covid, It’s Important to Plan

By Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D. April 16, 2020 My phone rang with a FaceTime video, and my cousin’s face popped into view. We spent the first few minutes expressing our mutual disbelief and shock over Covid-19, acknowledging the insanity and underlying terror of these unprecedented circumstances. We joked about how our anxious mothers, with their endless reminders of dressing warm and [...]

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The Never-Ending Mistreatment of Black Patients

My patient would never breathe on his own again, but he didn’t know it yet. Years of smoking landed him in our emergency room several times a month. Now the only thing lying between him and the grave was a breathing machine. As his I.C.U. doctor, I had done everything possible to liberate him from the ventilator. Nothing had worked. Whenever [...]

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Should I Help My Patients Die?

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: The New York Times OAKLAND, Calif. — I WAS leafing through a patient’s chart last year when a colleague tapped me on the shoulder. “I have a patient who is asking about the End of Life Option Act,” he said in a low voice. “Can we even do that here?” I practice [...]

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What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Get About Dying With Dignity

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Houston Chronicle My patients need to understand their options and make their own decisions. Elderly and seriously ill patients are at risk due to the misguided thinking of two Republican lawmakers. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas suggests that palliative care shortens the lives of elders. And a bill, HR 410, from Iowa [...]

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