A Front Row Seat in the
Heart of the ICU

This 2017 Academy Award-nominated film takes us to the frontlines of a public health crisis that touches us all. Directed by Dan Krauss, “Extremis” follows patients and families grappling with the thorny decisions associated with serious illness.  

The film has won top honors at the Tribeca and San Francisco Film Festivals and is the first short original documentary to be acquired by Netflix.

Extremis Screening Event

“Extremis” is a powerful tool for both personal reflection and cultural transformation. Organizations across the country have invited Dr. Zitter to introduce the film and follow the screening with a Q and A. These events invite the audience, whether patients, physicians, families, or healthcare professionals, to take a step back and ask: What do we really want for ourselves, our loved ones, and our patients when death comes?

Are you considering screening Extremis at your event? Netflix will let you stream it for free for educational purposes. Learn more about their policy here.

Extremis Film on Netflix

Extremis is Just One of Many Resources Available

Ideally, we would all be prepared to reach these often-difficult decisions after deep reflection with our loved ones and ample communication with our providers. In reality, that opportunity is available to us only when we plan ahead. Explore some of the resources available to help you, your loved ones, and your healthcare team.