Resources for Healthcare Educators

Thank you for your interest in our multi-media presentation for graduate medical education, which draws from stories from two works to generate reflective and honest conversation around medical culture and interactions. Narrative methods like these have been shown to change culture and improve communication and empathy in a variety of healthcare and learning environments.

The presentation highlights audio and video clips from two works, Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life (Penguin 2017) by Dr. Jessica Zitter, and the Oscar-nominated Documentary (Extremis, Netflix 2017) which also features her work. These clips function as emotional “primers” to spur conversations around difficult topics that are not typically addressed in classrooms or the halls of the hospital.

The presentation is short (60 minutes) and therefore easy to fit into a noon conference or learning hour. It has been piloted in a variety of medical teaching environments, generating enthusiastic responses from teachers and learners. The current version of the program requires a facilitator utilizing a guide to lead the group through the learning experience. However, we are working on a “plug-and-play version, which would include video commentary and guidance by Dr. Zitter throughout the program, therefore allowing for any teacher or leader to initiate this learning experience without specific knowledge of narrative or palliative care medicine techniques.

If you are interested in learning more or being involved in piloting the program, please email