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Resources for Patients + Families

Ideally, we would all be prepared to face these often-difficult decisions after thorough reflection with our loved ones and ample communication with our healthcare providers.  In reality, that opportunity is available to us only when we plan ahead.

Explore some of the resources available to help you, your loved ones, and your healthcare team.

Dr. Zitter & Her Family Having “The Talk” 

Many of us know that we should be talking about our preferences and values around death and dying with those closest to us. But how do we begin that conversation? In this short film, Dr. Jessica Zitter and her family show how engaging in these conversations might be easier than you think, and perhaps provide information you shouldn’t live without.

Top Resources to Know About

There are so many incredible people and organizations out there transforming our culture around death and dying. Here are some that we consider indispensable.

Informative Articles for Patients + Families

Sometimes we learn the most from the stories and experiences of others. Here are the six articles from Dr. Zitter that patients and families have found the most helpful for navigating the healthcare system and advocating for themselves and their loved ones.


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