OAKLAND — Even as tests showed that 13-year-old Jahi McMath has no brain activity — a week after what should have been routine tonsil surgery went horribly awry and left the girl legally dead — her family vowed Tuesday to keep her on life support and called for prayers in the hope that the girl could somehow still recover.

With the assistance of a ventilator at Children’s Hospital Oakland, Jahi continues to draw breath, and her heart continues to beat. Angered by what they said were hospital officials’ attempts to pressure them into taking the girl off life support, her family presented the hospital Tuesday with a cease-and-desist letter and vowed to take further legal action to keep the girl alive.

While a brain dead diagnosis, according to medical professionals who spoke to this newspaper, is an irreversible state of complete failure of the brain, making someone legally deceased, the girl’s family said it believes that if the heart is still beating, there’s still a chance.

Hospital officials have repeatedly declined to speak about Jahi’s case, saying that the family had not given them permission to do so publicly. State and federal laws in place to protect a patient’s privacy prohibit the discussion of medical conditions or treatments without that permission.

The family called on people from around the world to pray for Jahi, saying her fate should be should be in the hands of God, not in the hands of doctors.

“We are not on doctor’s time now, we are on God’s time,” the girl’s uncle, Omari Sealey, said Tuesday afternoon outside the hospital. (…) Read Full Publication Here

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