Netflix short film is important reminder of critical conversations we need to have

Does your family know your wishes for your life — or death, should something happen to you and you can’t tell the doctor on your own?

If you’re brave enough to watch and open to the conversation, even the first three minutes of a new short film could change how you look at, and live, the rest of your life.

“Here’s the reality: We’re all going to die,” said Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter, the palliative care physician featured in “Extremis.” “Everyone standing in this room is going to die one day. And it’s good to have a little bit of a say in how.”

“Extremis” is a recently released Netflix original documentary that takes viewers inside the intensive care unit (ICU) of an Oakland, California, public hospital. Throughout the 23-minute film, viewers follow Zitter and her colleagues as they work through the gut-wrenching decisions families are often forced to make in urgent end-of-life cases — specifically those relying on machine-based life support.

Among other honors, the film has been awarded Best Short Documentary from the Tribeca Film Festival. “This film’s cinematography is intimate yet unobtrusive; its point of view is empathetic and non-judgmental. And ultimately, it respects the conflicting perspectives at a morally wrenching crossroads,” the Tribeca jury wrote of “Extremis.” (…) Read Full Publication Here

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