As noted in my personal blog about a year ago, Rita Maggio, the owner of a community bookstore in a shore town adjacent to ours, invites me to take home pre-publication copies of books in the form of advance uncorrected proofs.  The gem that I took with Rita’s blessing last Friday was Extreme Measures: Finding A Better Path to the End of Life.  The book won’t be available until February 21, 2017, but consider reserving a spot for it on your reading list.  Frankly my initial attraction was that the book addresses a serious void in palliative care, a topic that I addressed (again last year on my personal blog) as my father’s life savings were depleted by a dysfunctional system.  Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D., one of only a handful of physicians board certified in both critical care medicine and palliative care medicine, is a self-described accidental evangelist for patient-centered care that she wasn’t taught in school.  She points out the need for de-escalation protocols for those patients at the end of life who do not desire continued aggressive or life-prolonging treatment. (…) Read Full Publication Here

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