March 25, 2018 | What Matters, Jewish Community Center | New York, NY

Location: New York, NY | Date: March 25, 2018 | Event Website Tickets What Matters aims to engage New Yorkers in compassionate, value-driven conversations about advance care planning so that they may live with the comfort of knowing their choices will be honored by loved ones and healthcare professionals. Join us for a conversation [...]

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Psychology Today The machines in my patient’s hospital room whirred away, compensating for her heart, lung, and kidney failure.  She had grown so dependent on the machines that when her husband eventually requested she be disconnected from them, she died within minutes. Her cancer was so advanced that it had infiltrated almost [...]

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Ask The Expert: How Do You Handle End-of-Life Care in a Patient Who Does Not Know They Are Dying?

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Practical Pain Management Unfortunately, many patients with a terminal illness who are referred for procedural or medical treatment of refractory pain will not be aware that they are dying. There is a common resistance among physicians to communicate bad news, particularly with regard to impending death.1 In my book, Extreme Measures: Finding a Better [...]

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Let’s Talk About Dying: End-of-Life Planning

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Hadassah Magazine As a physician who practices both intensive care and palliative care medicine at the public Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif., I am also the “go-to” person at my synagogue for advice on serious illness. Four years ago, a fellow congregant at Beth Jacob Congregation, also in Oakland, confided in me [...]

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Doctors Who Can’t Communicate Bad News Are Technicians, Not True Physicians

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: STAT I am a doctor who loves to use technology. But I also understand its limits. As an intensive care physician, I have great respect for the tools I have been trained to use. They have helped me rescue people from the jaws of death. But these tools can do more harm [...]

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Opinion: This Critical Healthcare Issue Isn’t Talked About Enough

By Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: MarketWatch George L. had been on a breathing machine in the intensive care unit for 11 days. My resident ran through George’s complicated review of systems, then told me he would receive a tracheostomy, or “trach,” in the operating room on Day 14. “They had an opening in the schedule so we took [...]

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Death Over Dinner

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Well Being Journal ​​In my family, death is a common topic at the dinner table. So common, in fact, that it’s sure to induce an eye roll from one of my children. “Pass the potatoes” might come right after “Sheila’s dad just got put on a breathing machine, and he doesn’t seem to have more than a [...]

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First, Sex Ed. Then Death Ed.

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Souce: The New York Times FIVE years ago, I taught sex education to my daughter Tessa’s class. Last week, I taught death education to my daughter Sasha’s class. In both cases, I didn’t really want to delegate the task. I wanted my daughters and the other children in the class to know about [...]

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