KQED Michael Krasny – Filmmaker Dan Krauss Explores End-Of-Life Care in ‘Extremis’

By Michael Krasny Source: KQED Radio Listen to the audio here Berkeley filmmaker Dan Krauss makes movies about people facing moral quandaries. His Oscar and Emmy-nominated documentary short, “The Death of Kevin Carter,” examines the suicide of a controversial Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer. Krauss’ feature documentary, “The Kill Team,” looks at a soldier’s dilemma to protect or [...]

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The Conversation Project – In Extremis

Source: The Conversation Project “Extremis” is Latin for “at the point of death.” It is also the name of an unflinching documentary available on Netflix about two families at a hospital struggling to decide whether to take their loved one off the machines that are keeping them alive. The power of the documentary is in its details. There [...]

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MarketWatch – Netflix’s Latest Subject is a Reality No One Wants To Talk About, But Everyone Will Face

By Emma Court Source: MarketWatch Netflix’s latest offering, the documentary “Extremis,” puts a harsh truth that most people would rather avoid up front and center. “Here’s the reality: we’re all going to die,” said Dr. Jessica Zitter, a doctor in Oakland, Ca. who’s the main physician subject of the new film. “And it’s good to have a little [...]

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Slate – In a New Short Documentary, Netflix Takes on Death

By Marc Siegel Source: Slate Documentaries often deal in sadness and Netflix’s new short Extremis is no exception. A film on end-of-life care that is shot entirely in an Intensive Care Unit at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, the piece centers on Dr. Jessica Zitter, a palliative care specialist who leads a team in helping terminal patients prepare to die. [...]

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