How the Rise of Medical Technology is Worsening Death

Dr. Jessiza Nutik Zitter Health Affairs  Our aging population is at risk from a most benign-appearing source—the medical technologies we trust to keep us healthy. When they were first widely used in the 1930s and 1940s, breathing machines did what humans could never have imagined a generation earlier: They kept young polio victims alive until their bodies cleared [...]

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Folks Magazine – Ending The End-Of-Life Conveyor Belt

Carey Dunne Source: Folks Magazine From the time she was a young girl playing with her surgeon father’s doctor bag, Jessica Zitter wanted to save lives. In medical school, Zitter specialized in critical care, which she saw as “the ultimate hero’s specialty,” and later became an Intensive Care Physician. As a young intern working on an ICU, she never imagined that, [...]

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The Irish Times – It’s Time to Stop the Inappropriate and Damaging Use of CPR

By Muiris Houston Source: The Irish Times Why has CPR become a reflex response in hospitals rather than allowing nature to take its course? There was a large national and international response to my column questioning the inappropriate use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) among certain patients. Readers, patients, relatives, emergency medical technicians, doctors and nurses wrote describing their good [...]

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Pricey Technology Is Keeping People Alive Who Don’t Want To Live

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Wired Magazine OVER THE NEXT 45 years, the population of people older than 65 will double, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. As the population ages, our healthcare system will face millions of frail patients whose bodies are beginning to shut down. The considerable advances in medical technologies over the [...]

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Opinion: This Critical Healthcare Issue Isn’t Talked About Enough

By Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: MarketWatch George L. had been on a breathing machine in the intensive care unit for 11 days. My resident ran through George’s complicated review of systems, then told me he would receive a tracheostomy, or “trach,” in the operating room on Day 14. “They had an opening in the schedule so we took [...]

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All That Glitters

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter Source: Thrive Global I used to love “swanning” my patients — — until I realized I was hurting them. The Swan Ganz Catheter, or “Swan,” was introduced in 1970 as a new way to measure pressures inside the heart and lungs. These numbers would, in theory, be helpful to an ICU physician like myself, trying [...]

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KALW Dying to Talk – The Machinery of Medicine

By Matt Martin Source: KALW Listen To The Audio Here While life-saving medical treatments continue to advance, many potential pitfalls await us as we age and become frail or terminally-ill. Get answers to your questions from frontline emergency medical and critical care providers. February 11 at 7pm.  Dawn Gross, MD, PhD has been caring for people with [...]

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Miracles Don’t Come Cheap

By Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitters Source: The New York Times As I rushed through the hospital lobby on my way to the intensive care unit, I saw the palliative care team speaking to a young woman in a wheelchair. She was beautiful, her cheeks full and round, her mouth in a constant soft smile as she spoke. She [...]

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