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Many of us in geriatrics and palliative care assume that we are the experts in health care when it comes to understanding the caregiver experience.  Every once in a while, we are humbled and reminded of what we don’t know.

Jessica Zitter had such an experience.  Jessica, as many of you know, is an award winning author (link to our podcast about her book Extreme Measures) and was featured in an Academy Award winning film titled Extremis.  She sought out to make another movie about the story of one of her patients who enrolled in hospice. The idea was it would be a film about all of the support that hospice provides and how it’s a transformative experience.  What she realized, however, is that the real story in this film is about the caregiver in the film, who is overworked, overburdened, and has few options for supportive to care for his wife’s daily needs.

The film is titled Caregiver: A Love Story.  See links below about how to view it.  It’s not yet widely available via a major distributor, so your best bet is to view a screening locally or arrange for a showing to your hospital/hospice/palliative care team/social work group combined with a discussion with Jessica Zitter.  The movie is less than 30 minutes, so leaves plenty of time in an hour for discussion.